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      There may be some debate as to the method of administering IM training.  There are certain aspects of

      IM training that I feel very strongly about.  Please be advised against the notion that IM training

      may be effective when performed once a week.  If you have not read the About Me page, please

      do so.  I have provided this FAQ page in an effort to inform the consumer and help maintain the integrity

      of Interactive Metronome training provided to the trainee.


      If after reading any of the questions you would like further explanation, please feel free to either call or

      Email me. Contact



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Q - How many times a week does one train?

A - Typically trainees train between 3 and 5 times per week depending on scheduling constraints and

      trainee tolerance.


Q - How long are the training sessions?

A - Typically the training sessions last about an hour.  However, several factors may effect the overall time

      of the sessions.  In the initial phases of the program the trainee performs a greater number of tasks for

      a shorter duration of time during the sessions.  Some trainees may require more instruction than others,

      leading to an "extended" session.  As the trainee progresses through the program fewer tasks are

      performed for greater periods of time.  As the trainee becomes more proficient within the program,

      the increased efficiency helps to decrease the length of each session.


Q - Can a person train less than 3 times per week?

A - No.  In order for a person to achieve maximum benefit from IM training they need to train a minimum

      of three times per week.  If too much time elapses between sessions, the rate of progress slows and

      valuable time is spent "relearning" skills from the previous session.


Q - Can a person train more than 5 times per week?                        

A - No.  Interactive Metronome training is very much like training for sport - rest periods are of vital

      importance.  During IM training it is possible to "over train".  It is during these "rest periods" that

      the new skills learned are organized and start to become set or "anchored".



Q - Can a person complete the training by doing 15 straight days?

A - No.  See the above question and answer.                     


Q - Should my son/daughter continue to take their medication while doing Interactive

      Metronome training?


A - Yes, a premature cessation of a trainee's drug regimen could cause a decrease in the trainee's ability to

      maintain the focus and concentration needed to achieve IM training goals.  After completing IM training

      and achieving all IM training goals; the trainee may, under supervision of their Doctor, reduce, or in some

      cases, stop taking their medication.  It is strongly recommended for those trainees on medication that

      their Doctor be informed of the trainee's intent to engage in IM training, the trainee's progress throughout  

      the training process, and the trainee's desire to modify or discontinue their regimen of medication post

      IM training.



Q - May IM training be done concurrently with other therapies?                                                                

A - It depends on the intensity and frequency of the other therapies.  Interactive Metronome training is a

      very intensive process.  In most cases other therapies are temporarily discontinued during the IM training

      period.  It is quite common for trainees to experience an increased efficiency in other therapies post

      IM training.  However, every case is different and should be handled on an individual basis.    


Q - Does insurance cover the cost of IM training?                                                                                                       

A - It depends.  In most cases IM training is an "out-of-pocket" expense with costs being handled as a

      reimbursement.  There is a process that, if followed, may increase the likelihood of reimbursement.

      First, the trainee receives a script from their Doctor for Occupational Therapy services.  Next, the

      Occupational Therapist issues a recommendation for Interactive Metronome training.  The Interactive

      Metronome trainer then writes a letter explaining how and why IM training would benefit the prospective

      trainee.  The parent or guardian then submits all documentation to the insurance company for review.  As

      stated before, reimbursement is at the discretion of the insurance company.                  


Q - Is Interactive Metronome training permanent?                                                                                                       

A - Yes, it has been said that IM training is like riding a bicycle - once you learn you never forget.  That being said,

      one can always benefit from "refresher" sessions.  In some cases, a trainee may require additional sessions

      to achieve the standard Interactive Metronome training goals.                                                                                                              







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